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Pay on performance search engine optimisation strategies to help you get to page 1.

Search engine optimisation or SEO as it's commonly know is the process of getting your website ranking high on Google for specific search terms.
We optimise our customers sites to appear high in UK search results using a combination of optimised content on their sites pages and by building links from other websites to show Google your site is an authority on a subject. This combination makes your website rank high on Google for specific search terms your customers are using.
The best bit is....

You only pay us for the results we achieve!

  • True pay on performance SEO for all budgets.

    We charge our SEO customers based on the ranking we achieve for them. You don't pay a huge monthly fee and hope we get you where you want to be. You pay us when we get your site ranking on page 1 of Google for the search terms we both agree will benefit your business!

  • How you pay for SEO with Samson.

    1. We draw up a list of keywords that you would like to rank for. This can range from a few dozen for localised businesses and up to 1,000's for an ecommerce store selling products online.

    2. We then agree on a price you are comfortable to pay for each keyword when we get you to either page one on Google, the top 5 positions or position 1. Top 5 is, after all where the real money is made.

    3. The price you pay is directly related to what the potential is of each individual keyword. We work that out based on what you can potentially make and how much traffic that keyword can deliver through Google.
    We take a small payment monthly for each keyword we rank you for.

  • No charge if your website ever drops in rank!

    Occasionally your website might dip in rankings due to Google algorithm updates, changes to your websites structure or just plain competition becomming more fierce.

    If your website ever drops off page 1 or the position drops we instantly stop charging you or reduce the monthly fee based on the new rank for that keyword until we've got you back to where you should be.
    If you're not making money neither are we so our goals are perfectly aligned so everybody wins!

  • Monthly reporting of your keyword rankings on Google and website traffic.

    You'll get a report on a regular basis showing you the traffic increase on your website. As well as this we show you how the keywords we're working on are progressing up the Google rankings and report what your monthly bill will be for the rankings we've achieved.

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Prices from £60

SEO campaigns vary wildly in price. Most companies set a fee based on the amount of work they think it will take to get you ranked. We work differently. We just charge you a small monthly fee (£60) to cover the basics and then charge you when we've done the job which is getting you ranked highly on Google.

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