The new year is creeping around the corner.

Whether you show up at work a bit before everyone else or have groceries already bought before your kids can bug you, staying ahead of the game is essential these days. It seems nearly impossible that the new year is almost here, but it’s time to start preparing now.

If you’re ready to take your personal or business website to the next level, you’ll want to be caught up on the latest trends. You need to know what captures the eye and sells the product!

Keep reading below to take a sneak peek at the 2020 design trends of web design. It’ll keep you a step ahead.

Big and Bold

2020 is bringing you 20/20 vision this year with big and bold design elements.

There’s no time to be shy. The future of web designing speaks up for itself. It’s loud, and it’s proud.

You’re going to be seeing a lot of large, geometric design elements on webpages. It could be a large maroon square containing an inspirational quote, or it could be a bold black bar across the top displaying page options.

No matter what the creator decides, it’s about time to leave small fonts and bland color palettes in the past. With there being such an enormous amount of visual stimuli in the world, designs will have to cut through the static.

With the advanced technology of video and photography, web design uses large imagery to an advantage. It’s easier to capture someone’s attention with a large format video instead of a written quote.

Simple and Effective

Sometimes one of the boldest moves to make is leaving an extra amount of white space. One of the top 2020 design trends is intentional negative space, simplistic font, and minimalistic design features.

This is effective in the design realm because it cuts out the unnecessary fluff websites typically contain. It presents important information quickly and effectively.

Even if the negative space isn’t white, the color palettes will be kept simple. Nothing will distract from something else, and there won’t be a confusing hierarchy of information on a page.

In fact, using a minimalistic approach is one of the best ways to design a landing page.

You Can Almost Touch It

3D website design will be a leading trend in 2020. The technology has been available for a while, but it’s often too expensive to create. The price is expected to drop in the new year.

The use of 3D design is a powerful element because it gives the visitor the feeling they can almost touch something. Not only does it draw someone in, but it also keeps them there.

Products and images are exponentially more interesting when you can explore every side instead of a flat image.

Can I Get a Response?

If there’s anything we like these days, it’s getting a response from someone or something. You could still be waiting on a text back, or maybe you’re waiting for your pet to come after calling them.

Luckily for you, one of the best upcoming 2020 design trends is an interactive and responsive landing page. It’s no fun to stare at a boring landing page.

The page may not be interactive in the sense it tells you if your shirt looks good that day, but the elements themselves can react to your presence. It can be as simple as elements sparking when you scroll over them.

Perhaps as you move your mouse around a webpage celebrating a sale, confetti will shoot from the cursor. Fun elements are upon us for the new year.

It’s Time to Split

Want to know an attractive way to convey a couple of big ideas at once? It’s simple. All you have to do is incorporate a split-screen webpage.

Let’s say a major retailer wants to advertise they created brand new jackets and stunning new pants. Putting it all in the same image could take away from one or the other. Using a split-screen strategy allows each piece of clothing to get the attention it deserves.

Aesthetically, a bright red coat placed beside emerald green trousers appeals to the eye. Red and green aren’t complementary colors for nothing.

The tension between the 2 sides can be broken up by using a simple header or title that stretches all the way across the page. It creates a bridge between the asymmetrical sides.

Let’s Talk It Out

With the large popularity of Alexa and Siri, it’s no surprise one of the greatest 2020 design trends will be voice technology aspects on a site.

Imagine running around with the kids while holding groceries and having to search a recipe on a site you love. By just using your voice, you could pull up your new favorite chicken alfredo recipe.

Voice technology can also help with accessibility for people with disabilities, such as blindness. It creates an easy-to-navigate approach while allowing someone to be hands-free.

Time for the Unusual

Overall, 2020 is the time for unusual design elements to create a positive experience on a website.

You’ll see things like horizontal scrolling as opposed to vertical scrolling and diagonals instead of straight lines. This way, designs will be kept fresh and exciting so website visitors aren’t immediately bored as soon as they click.

2020 Design Trends to Look For

Just like the new year should be approached, 2020 design trends are going to be bold and beautiful. There will be tons of color, exciting elements, and clean webpages. It’ll be a breath of fresh air.

Sites will be using things like geometric shapes, large amounts of negative space, 3D rendering, and voice technology. As the year continues, new trends will rise and fall. The wide web is growing, and it’s almost mind-boggling to think about what 2021 will bring.

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