5 Ways to Creating Compelling Content

  • 11th June 2019

93 per cent of Pinterest users have used their account to make a purchase.

The influence social media has today on the business world cannot be overstated. However, you must know how to capture the attention of your audience and keep them engaged at all times.

Successful engagement depends on the kind of content you put out. Your goal is to create engaging content that will keep them coming back for more; you can then utilize that opportunity to convert those leads into sales.

This article will provide insights to help you raise your social media content creation game.

Mastering Social Media Content Creation

The benefits of using social media for business are tremendous. You do not only get to capture and engage prospective customers, but you also benefit from a better ranking on search engine results pages.

A higher ranking means getting even more leads. While at it, you must work to avoid getting penalised by Google as that will affect your ranking. Here is how to deal with a Google penalty.

Here are tips on how to create engaging social media posts.

1. Use Your Business Goals to Determine Social Goals

For your social media content to have a relevant impact, it must align with your business ambitions.

What are you looking to achieve from creating social content? The following are some of the reasons why you would want to create social content in regards to business:

• Improving brand awareness
• Generating new leads
• Driving traffic to your website

Having a reason to why you are creating social content will allow you to have a long term content creation strategy.

2. Choosing the Appropriate Social Media Platform

Regardless of how stellar your content is, it won’t mean much if it doesn’t get to your desired audience. Do your research to find out which social network your target audience is likely using.

Targeting all platforms often results in wasted budgets.

Here are some pointers:

• Facebook

You need to have a content strategy for Facebook since about 76 per cent of adults that are online use the site.

• Pinterest

Over 80 per cent of Pinterest users are female. This social platform, therefore, is ideal for brands that focus on feminine products.

• Twitter

About 80 per cent of Twitter users are affluent millennials. If that is your ideal audience, then this platform is for you.

• LinkedIn

This platform is ideal for businesses or brands looking to network with peers.

• Instagram

With over 800 million monthly users, this site is excellent for brands that create aesthetic products.

3. Designing Your Content Creation Strategy

After determining the social sites that you need to focus on, you can now embark on creating content.

And because of the millions of generic content out there, you will need to be unique if you are to capture your audience’s attention. This means:

• Finding Your Voice

Content has more impact when you use a tone that resonates with your brand. If you create fun products, then using a playful tone on Instagram would be ideal. If you are on LinkedIn, however, a professional tone is the way to go.

• Provide Value

Your content should always provide some type of help to the customer. Think about the needs that your product solves then create content that gives solutions to some of those needs.

Providing value will quickly make you the go-to guy whenever online users need to learn something relating to your field. And as mentioned earlier, people are more than likely to buy from brands they are familiar with.

Thus, this constant interaction with your content will make it easy for you to convert those visitors/leads to customers.

• Study Your Competition

Do not fix something that isn’t broke. As such, there’s no need to create an entirely new way of content creation and delivery if there is an existing method that is generating results.

Therefore, start by figuring out what your successful competitors are doing in terms of content creation. However, do not copy their strategy; rather, look for ways you can make it better.

4. Research Your Keywords

You might have killer content, but if you are not using the right terms in your text, you will not be effective at reaching your desired audience.

In order to deliver value to their users, search engines and social media platforms recommend content that the user typically likes to interact with. They do this by checking for relevant keywords.

As such, do your research and find the most relevant keywords in your industry and start deploying them in your content.

5. Have a Schedule

This is to ensure consistency. There is no time limit to content creation. As long as you are in business, you will have to consistently generate insights for your audiences.

Failure to do that will result in disengagement thus undermining your business.

Therefore, you will need to create a schedule for your content generation efforts. This schedule should include the days of the week that you plan on releasing your pieces as well as the time of day.

Three days per week is ideal. Nonetheless, each social platform has specific times that most of its users are logged on. Therefore, look into those times, so you know when to release your content.

The Need for a Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

The way we use social media has changed rapidly over the past decade. Initially, people used these platforms to reestablish links with old friends and nurture relationships. Today, however, everything has gone social.

Every interest that a consumer has likely has some sort of representation on social media.

Social networking is all about content, if you want to be successful, you will have to embark on a social media content creation strategy that will not only attract leads but also engage them so you can convert them into customers.

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