Did you know that there were almost 6,000,000 small-to-medium-sized businesses in the UK in 2019? This is due in no small part to the increased development of eCommerce tools and online marketplaces.

If you are thinking of creating an online platform for selling products, or are looking to expand your customer base, how can you do this? Why should your business invest time and money into PPC campaigns?

Why not check out our in-depth article below? We bring to you 7 PPC Ads benefits that you may not have known about.

1. Interface with Billions of People

According to recent statistics, there are over 4.5 billion people working, shopping or browsing online in 2020. As they go about their business, using search engines on a daily basis, they create opportunities for your business to appear on their screen in front of them.

Recent studies have shown that PPC campaigns are amongst the most successful strategies for converting visitors into customers. Some stating that the rate is as high as 50% more than organic visitors.

Good strategising together with the sheer number of people that can see your advertising is a good enough reason to get into the PPC game.

2. See Immediate Results

Organic advertising certainly has its benefits. However, it takes time for you to execute your strategy and for your page to rise up the ranking system. Not so with PPC. With PPC your business starts at the top from day one. Your business is immediately out in front of the crowd.

When you plan your PPC strategy well and in conjunction with a professional PPC agency you can almost immediately start to measure the metrics of your success.

3. Appear Above Search Results

Imagine that a person leaves their home with a shopping list in their hand. As they enter the store, they see that the items on their list are facing them.

This is a good illustration of what is happening during a PPC campaign. There may be many products in the store, however, you have executed a strategy that will mean that yours is the first to greet people who are searching for that exact item.

We live in a world where minutes and seconds count and that people rarely read to the end of the first page of results in Google. Therefore getting your ad to the top,  or above will put you in line for maximum yield.

4. People Already Want to Buy Your Product

Think again of our shopping list illustration. Imagine that you could read the shopping list and put your matching products on display for the customer to see first. In a sense that is what PPC does.

People who are already searching for your products, who are looking to make a purchase, are directed to your site.

5. Increase Website Traffic

Your metrics will show that your website traffic has increased significantly. Your branded PPC campaign will bring them to your site, where a well-designed site will help them complete transactions quickly and frictionlessly.

PPC strategising can be as targeted as you would like. Within Google’s PPC settings you can choose to offer goods and services to your local geographical area, nationally or internationally. With more granular options available.

This level of targetting allows you to start small and test in your local area before you upscale your strategy to larger audiences. Or if your business is purely a local service, you are not forced to pay for a nationwide campaign.

6. High Conversion Rates

PPC strategies should be a part of a wider strategy and when all elements work together, your conversion rates will rise significantly. People are already looking to purchase a product when they click on your ad and so your campaign will enable them to accomplish this.

These conversion rates are highly measurable. You can track metrics regarding advertisements, keywords or ad placements. you can then use this information to plan the next stage of your campaign. Businesses can refine and refine their PPC campaigns and this leads to better conversion rates over time.

Interestingly, businesses often report that their PPC campaigns result in higher e-commerce and brick and mortar sales. Even if a person does not click on a site, they have seen the brand and mentally logged it. If a brand is, for example, a high street shop, they will statistically be more likely to visit to physically view products.

7. Advantages over Organic SEO

Organic growth is a trusted way to bring a site up the rankings. however, it is also affected by external factors. One change to the Google algorithm can mean that a site drops down the rankings. This is even if good SEO methods have been applied.

PPC campaigns are not affected by algorithmic changes. To assess its success you simply compare how much you have invested in PPC to how much your return has increased since that date.

Ads Benefits and Much More

Ecommerce has opened the way for more people than ever to start a business, many people doing so right from their own home. PPC and other Ads Benefits can give you the edge you need to bring customers to your site and get you standing in front of the crowd.

If you are interested in starting or expanding an eCommerce business, we are here to help. We leverage our years in the IT and business industry to bring you reliable service and trustworthy advice.

Why not follow our blog to find out how we can help you increase your customer base today.

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