Creating the best banner ads may seem like an impossible task at times, but we are here to tell you that it’s not hard at all. After knowing the basics of what your banner ad should have, you will be creating the best display ads in no time.

To see our top 7 design tips for creating the best banners, keep reading below.

1. Be Mindful Of Your Banner Placement

The time and effort you’ve put into designing your banner won’t matter if it isn’t properly placed. With this said, you should position your banner in a place that will be easy for users to see and won’t be hidden in with other content.

The best place to position a banner is before the main content of a page or at the top. You should also strive to have a visually pleasing banner so people will want to select it and learn more.

2. Fonts Matter More Than You Think

When placing a banner ad on a website you will be competing with a lot of other ads that are also placed on the same webpage. The best way to grab the user’s attention and have them navigate towards your banner can be as easy as using the right font.

You should use a larger font for the headline to capture the user’s attention. Then use a smaller font for the body, statement, or explanation you place on the banner. Using bold and colorful fonts is a great way to attract and capture attention while making your ad more fun.

The font size should be less than 10pt and your copy should be 4 lines or less. Remember to use a font that’s easy to read so users aren’t stuck on your ad longer than they have to be before clicking.

3. The Right Button Placement Matters

It’s a well-known fact that button placement helps with the click-through rate of any banner ad. With this said, you should ensure that your button placement is in the most effective and easy to see area.

Usually, the button is put after the copy in colors that contrast it. This helps to make the button pop and to grab the user’s attention fast.

Overall, the buttons aren’t about being attractive. They are put in place to motivate customers to buy your product and hopefully get them to become loyal customers. Having the button be an action such as “shop now” is effective.

4. Animations Are Great Additions To Draw Attention And Get Clicks

Having an animation within your banner will set you aside from static banners and resonate with the customer. Animations help your banner to stand out and to catch the user’s eye, leading them to click on it.

The animation should be tasteful and not too loud. It should compliment your banner and not distract them from the message of what you’re trying to promote.

5. Be Consistent So You Don’t Confuse Customers

Consistency is one of the most important things when it comes to your banner. This helps to avoid confusion and for customers to become familiar with your brand.

When clicking on your banner the customer should be led to the page that your banner was promoting. If you lead to another page that has nothing to do with the banner, then the user will become confused and leave, meaning a lost sale.

Also, your banner ad should complement and be similar to your other marketing campaigns. This creates an identity for your brand and makes it easy for customers to recognize you.

6. There Is Nothing Wrong With Simple

When designing your banner you should know that providing more to users in less content is ideal. It’s estimated that users spend less than 15 minutes actively on a page, so you want to grab their attention in this short window.

Your banner design should be concise and simple while getting to the point fast. Your message should be clear and easy to understand. Ideally, your potential customer should know what you’re promoting or selling in around 2 seconds.

7. The Size Of Your Banner Matters

The size of your banner is very important to your marketing campaign. Depending on the size you choose, users will be more inclined to click on or click through your ad. Below we have listed out the typical banner sizes.

336×280 – The Square

If you choose this banner it will be in a square. This is the smallest of the banner sizes and can be inserted almost anywhere on a page.

300×250 – The Rectangle

This size is a medium rectangle. If you select this size it will either appear to the right of a webpage or be included within the text.

300×600 – The Half Page

This size will take up half of a page. This is big enough to get the user’s attention and entice them to click on your ad.

320×100 – The Social Media Size

This sized banner is perfect for mobile devices. It can fit on the webpage that the phones display fully without being cut off.

Now It’s Time To Create Some Of the Best Banner Ads

You now know what the different banner sizes are and how to draw the user’s attention so they pick your ad over others on the page. With our tips above you will be creating the best banner ads in no time.

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