Trying to attract valuable leads to your business? With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, the leads come to you. In fact, PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors.

Making effective PPC campaigns can take a lot of know-how. Without the proper training and techniques, you could end up spending more than you’re bringing in.

With an experienced PPC advertising agency at your side, you can make the most of your campaigns!

Here are eight common PPC mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars. By working with a PPC business, you can avoid these mistakes start making money instead. Give your ROI a boost with these eight reasons to hire a PPC advertising agency.

1. A Lack of Targeting

One of the first steps to a successful PPC campaign is to consider your audience. Who are they, and what are they interested in? Which keywords are they searching?

Failing to target your audience by minute details (such as age, gender, or specific interests) could cost you. After all, no two customers are different.

The best way to write ads for your target audience is to know who they are first.

PPC advertising agency will complete this research for you. They’ll break your key target audiences into specific buyer personas. Then, they can use these personas to create hyper-targeted ads and campaigns.

A lack of targeting will cause you to create broad-reaching ads. This ad language could leave you missing out on opportunities to connect with your customers.

Hyper-targeted ads, on the other hand, focus on the customers’ needs and wants. The precise ad language will better resonate with your customers. By creating relevant ads, you’re more likely to turn those consumers into loyal customers for your business.

2. Not Bidding on Your Brand

45% of small businesses are already using PPC campaigns. Meanwhile, 86% of businesses pair their PPC and search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. One way to combine your PPC and SEO endeavours is to bid on your brand name.

Maybe your company isn’t as well-known as brands like Apple. That’s okay! Using PPC advertising, you have the chance to expand your reach and give your brand the boost it needs.

Not bidding on your brand name, however, could impact your revenue.

When you don’t bid on your brand, your competitors do. This allows them to steal potential customers for themselves.

Bidding on your brand can help you take a number one position on Google. That way, more people see your brand or product name, allowing you to boost your brand!

3. Neglecting Geo-Targeting

Some companies target multiple countries within a single campaign. However, not every citizen of every country speaks the same language. Chances are, they’re not searching the same keywords, either.

Failing to target customers by location and language could cause you to waste advertising money.

Instead, it’s important to optimise each country independently. They’re each their own market.

By geo-targeting, you can create a different campaign for each location. This will allow you to optimise your campaigns based on different times zones, competitors, and dialects.

This will also separate the data for each location. Then, you can use this data to make informed decisions and optimise your campaigns more effectively.

4. Only Using Broad Match

As a first-time PPC advertiser, you might feel obligated to use broad match for your keywords. Broad match is the default option for campaigns. By using broad match, your ads may show up for:

  • Misspellings
  • Related searches
  • Synonyms
  • Relevant variations

However, these “variations” are sometimes farfetched. For example, you might want to target the keyword “farmer’s market.” In some cases, your ad may show up if someone searches for the keyword “marketing agency.”

Using broad match can cost you to waste away your advertising budget very quickly.

Instead, a PPC advertising agency will determine the best match types for your campaigns. For example, they might suggest broad match modifier, phrase match, or exact match. These match types will help you avoid costly searches that might otherwise eat your budget.

As a result, you have more control over your campaigns.

5. Not Using Negatives

Negative keywords will also allow you to avoid wasted advertising spend.

It’s important to review your search query reports regularly. These reports will show you which terms people search before clicking on your ads. As you review these reports, you might realise that not all searches are related to your business.

You likely don’t have time to review these reports every day. A qualified PPC advertising agency will review this list for you and add negatives as needed. Chances are, they’ll even begin your campaigns with a strong negative keyword list, so you can avoid wasting your budget from the start.

6. Failing to Optimise Landing Pages

Your landing pages are an important component of your PPC campaigns. After clicking your ad, consumers will visit a page on your website. There, you can prompt them to take a specific action, such as filling out a form.

You need to optimise these landing pages for the keyword you’re targeting. Failing to do so will impact your ad ranking.

A PPC marketing company with web experience can design and optimise these pages for you.

7. Not Breaking Down Ad Groups

Campaigns are organised into ad groups will help you organise ads by themes. This will ensure your ads remain relevant to your target audience, which can improve your clickthrough rate.

Failing to break these ads into groups will make it difficult for you to attract potential customers based on their needs.

8. Failing to Test Copy

A PPC business will create multiple versions of your ad copy. Then, they can A/B test the copy to see what best resonates with your target audience.

Failing to test your copy can impact your Quality Score.

Optimising your copy, on the other hand, will help you attract more leads!

Hire a PPC Advertising Agency: 8 Common & Costly Mistakes You Can Avoid

Don’t make these common (and costly) PPC advertising mistakes. Instead, hire a professional PPC advertising agency. They’ll ensure your ad spend is put to the best possible use!

Ready to increase your ROI and attract new leads? Contact us today!

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