Want to dominate your local market and master brand awareness as if you were an expert? Local SEO has the power to get your business on the map – literally!

Read on to find the 5 latest local SEO services tips that will get you the most qualified local leads and land you on top of your local search results!

Why Should You Care About Using Local SEO Services?

SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation, is the surest way to be found online. Local SEO is when you are looking to target a local area, typically one around your physical business, and rank high in the search results on Google for specific search terms.

Local SEO services will help you get these top rankings far quicker and more cost effectively than if you tried to do it yourself. It is possible to do DIY SEO but the time you’ll need to invest will be better spent running your business. You don’t just need to get your site on the first page of Google, but also on relevant local map searches. If you are a local tradesperson or operate a service-based company, you will need people around your area of operation to find you.

That is where local SEO comes in!

The process to dominate local SEO ranking is not particularly hard, but you may require the help of an SEO firm that specializes in local SEO services.

Let’s see the top 5 local SEO tips for 2018:

Tip #1: Create Your Google My Business Page

If you want to appear anywhere near the first page of Google results, you need to claim your very own Google My Business page. This is a free and straightforward process that will allow your business to be found by people searching on Google Search or Google Maps.

According to Google: “Google My Business makes it easy to create and update your listing–so you can stand out, and bring customers in.”

With this tool, you can put your name, address, phone number and other business info directly on Google Maps, so people zooming in your area can see your business on the map.

Google will get you through a brief verification process to make sure your info is genuine and then you will be able to fill in all info and get your business listed! It is important to have a clear and attractive My Business page, so keep returning periodically to add new info and keep your page up to date.

Tip #2: Optimise Your Site, URLs, Tags, and Content

Your own website and the information on it will make a whole world of difference when it comes to local rankings. You need to optimise your title, headers, tags, meta descriptions and content across all available pages to get noticed by Google.

Every page should include a full list of information about your city, region of operation and the usual name, address and phone number (NAP) information. A good idea is to use the same footer across every page. This footer can include all relevant info, and your web designer can just copy and paste it from page to page if you don’t have a good content management system to do it yourself.

Additionally, you should focus on peppering your targeted keywords across your site. These keywords should describe your services, but also mention the local area in which your business is active. Google will use these keywords to decide the geographical location in which your business is relevant, and this is HUGE.

Keep in mind that your official site should be technically sound and easy to for Google and visitors to access for SEO purposes.

Tip #3: Build Citations and a Strong Link Profile by Getting Listed on Local Sites

There are tons of useful directories like Yell.com where you can list your business. The process of getting listed in those business directories is known as citation building and will be part of any good SEO services link building strategy.

There are local directories that target individual towns, national directories that target countries, and global directories. For local SEO services, you should focus more on local directories. Google values links from local directories as they help establish credibility.

Local listings also helps Google confirm your business details, giving you higher priority when it comes to local map searches.

The sum of your citation links makes up your link profile. The stronger your link profile, the better your business will perform in local SEO searches. The process of building citations is long and can be arduous if done individually. Thankfully, there are experts out there who can help speed up the whole endeavor. Like us!

Some of the most important directories to consider include:

  • Yellow Pages
  • White Pages
  • Google+ Local
  • TripAdvisor
  • Foursquare

Obviously, there are hundreds more, including local directories, which vary from location to location. When it comes to local SEO services, some areas will have a lot more competition than others.

If your local branding faces considerable competition, you should not worry. It means your area of operation is highly valued in search engine rankings, which in turns means a bigger market and thus bigger opportunities!

Tip #4: Keep Educating Yourself and Evolve Your Brand Image

SEO and online branding evolve rapidly, and you should keep up if you want your business to remain relevant.

There are new Google updates every few months, and trend shifts in markets can change the status quo literally overnight. Things like mobile-friendly sites were unthinkable a few years ago, yet now they are mandatory for a competitive listing.

If you are committed to your online success, you should keep learning about local markets, local SEO services, online marketing and digital branding.

Google updates can change the way results are calculated, and what worked a few months ago might not work anymore if you are not careful. Authority sites like searchenginejournal.com and moz.com can help educate you, but the real secret is enlisting the help of local SEO experts.

Tip #5: Enlist Professional Help

If you are serious about taking local marketing to the next level, you should consider professional local SEO services. With more than ten years of experience in designing and marketing businesses online, Samson Web Design is one of the most reputable local SEO firm specialising in UK businesses.

Call Samson Web Design today to discuss how we can help your business dominate local search results. The aid of an expert can make the difference between obscurity and local market dominance!

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