Around the end of January this year (2017) the latest version of Google Chrome will be released, this will be version 56. For those not familiar with Google Chrome it’s Googles own browser, similar to Internet Explorer, Firefox and Edge which you may use yourself. Google will make a significant change in this new version which will have an impact on any website not using an SSL certificate and it could be quite detrimental to your business.

An SSL certificate for those not familiar with the term is just a way to secure and encrypt site data like a login or registration page, simple form or a checkout on an ecommerce store. It creates the https:// in front of your website domain name instead of simple http://. You’ll see it regularly on website that have the green padlock which shows any data entered is encrypted and secure.

Starting with the release of Chrome 56 this month, any website that is not running HTTPS will have a message appear in the location bar that says “Not Secure” on pages that collect passwords or credit cards. It will look like this:


Google Chrome accounts for over 50% of the browser market so you cannot ignore this. Other browsers will surely follow suit in the coming months.
Statistics from Statcounter

How Does This Affect Your Business?

So if you have a site that users fill in a form on with any sensitive information they may well be put off by the fact their information is not secure. If you have an ecommerce store and you use PayPal or a third party checkout like Sagepay or Worldpay users could quite easily be put off placing an order.

It’s Time To Order An SSL and Get Your Site Secure!

SSLs are only £79.98+vat per year from Samson so it’s not an expensive outlay. If just one person places an order or fills out a form that wouldn’t have done because of that not secure message you’ve likely paid for the SSL!

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What’s Next After This Update?

Well this is Googles first step to making the web a safer place for all and getting rid of the old unsecure http protocol.

In a future release of the Chrome browser ANY page that uses HTTP wil be labeled insecure so you will at some point need to get an SSL for your site even if you don’t use forms in all likelyhood! It’s a good thing as it makes us all safe and secure online when using the internet.

When Chrome has made this change all plain HTTP pages will be labeled as “Not secure” and will look like this:


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