For any business to thrive in the current market it must have a great website. More than 70% of shoppers go online to check out a business before deciding whether or not to buy products or services. This also applies to small one-person businesses such as coaches, personal trainers and consultants.

A mediocre website won’t attract clients or set you apart from your competitors. You should invest a website that has the ability to feature on the first pages of search engine results.

These great business websites all have certain characteristics. Keep reading for 7 key qualities that will guide you to know what makes a good website.

1. Have a Page Hierarchy

Websites that are easy to navigate usually have a clear page hierarchy. This refers to the way a website’s pages are grouped and how you can get from one page to another.

The hierarchy usually starts with the homepage which links to several other pages such as about us, contact us, etc. These pages may also have additional pages under them. A clear site structure makes it easy for visitors to find the information they are looking for which can reduce visitor bounce rate.

2. Create an Easy to Navigate Experience

Have you ever visited a website and felt confused about where to click to reach a page you need access to? Maybe you wanted to buy a product or service but couldn’t find the page that allowed you to order?

Inability to navigate your website will lead visitors to click out of it as fast as they clicked on. To make a website easy to navigate ensure that buttons that should be clicked are clearly labelled and logically arranged. All links should also work so that it never happens that a visitor clicks on a link that goes nowhere.

Think of your website as being a physical shop. If you were to buy a dress from a store you would first see the dress displayed on the window. This would attract you to go into the store for a better look.

A salesperson may then encourage you to try the dress on, telling you how great you would look in it. After being convinced to buy the dress you would then proceed to the cash register to pay for your dress.

Give your website a similar sales funnel feel. Visitors should be able to follow a logical progression to the pages you need them to visit and go through their buyer’s journey seamlessly.

3. Make It Visually Attractive

Nowadays, human beings have a very short attention span and little patience for poorly designed items. When creating a website to sell your goods or services ensure that it is visually lacking and properly represents your company’s image.

An unappealing and amateurish website could make your company appear unprofessional. This results in no one trusting you enough to spend their money. Keep a clean website design and aesthetically pleasing to be a little easier on the eyes for visitors.

4. Optimize Website Speed

We’ve come to find out that most people will click out of a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Make sure that your website has fast load times by carefully choosing your web hosting company.

When posting website content you should use smaller images and videos to increase the rate at which they load. Fix any broken links and use simple website templates as these also affect a website’s load time.

5. Post Useful and Original Content On Your Website

One way to know what makes a good website is to find out what ranks on Google for relevant searches. For this to happen the website must have original content and useful information. You should regularly post new content and update your blog to continuously attract new clients.

If you are too busy to create your website content and graphics then a great option would be to outsource these services. There are many creative freelancers online that would be able to create regular original content at a very reasonable price.

6. Must Be Functional

Another characteristic of great websites is their functionality. If you intend to sell items on your website then you must have an online cart and several ways for a visitor to pay for items.

If the website is a news site then it must constantly update with video clips and write-ups of the latest news events. Your website should also be accessible on all platforms, that is, on computers, tablets and phones. A website that isn’t fit for purpose will annoy visitors, leading to high bounce rates.

7. Invest in Security

Websites are very susceptible to hackers who are often after sensitive financial and personal information. To protect your business and clients, install the best security software into your website so that it becomes hard for hackers to access your site and your clients’ information.

If your website gets hacked and clients lose their money or reputation your business could be adversely affected and may even have to shut down. If your clients feel that you didn’t take proper measures to protect their information they might even sue you.

What makes a good website secure is having up to date software, constantly backing up the website, using a reputable web hosting company and installing an SSL certificate to encrypt your internet connection. All of these components add to protecting your data.

What Makes a Good Website?

Standing out against your business competitors is a constant challenge. However, having a great website could help you to do so. Double-check that your website fulfils all the above requirements and you will see an increase in sales leads and actual sales figures.

Figuring out what makes a good website could land you more clients and an increase in sales. For more information about creating a great online presence using your business website, feel free to contact us today.

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