Businesses all over the globe are striving for different ways to increase their marketing strategies.

To get caught up with the “big boys” in your industry, you’ll need to make sure every campaign and tactic that you use will give you the return on investment you need.

That’s why many businesses are turning to pay per click marketing. You only pay for the advertising when someone clicks on the ad you’ve provided. What strategy could be more efficient than that?

Here are several trends for 2020 that has taken the PPC news by storm. Consider installing all of these into your marketing plan moving forward.

1. Teaming Up with a Google Adwords Expert Agency

More and more businesses are seeing the value in teaming up with agencies that understand the ins and outs of the infamous Google Adwords.

If you don’t have previous experience with Google advertising methods or much marketing expertise at all, it can be detrimental to your brand. Luckily, you can find a trusted digital marketing agency that can provide the experience that you lack.

Many companies are going this route so that they can have a more instantaneous success rate than what would come with doing it themselves.

It’s also cheaper to outsource rather than hiring a new employee and relieves you of one less thing to worry about on a daily basis.

2. Brand Affinity Will Be Higher Than Ever

If you’re not familiar with the term “brand affinity”, it’s basically using key terms within your brand and integrating them into all of your marketing campaigns.

A popular way to get the words to build with your brand affinity is to ask your current clientele what words come to mind when they think of your brand.

Those words are gold to your company. Consider 2020 the year of building brand affinity to not only increase your customer loyalty but also for zeroing in on your target audience.

People out there in the marketplace are looking for companies with a good reputation.

What better reputation can you have than with words given by your current clientele in their testimonies of your service and products.

Aim to push the customer service experience forward by advocating your customers to speak up and converse with you.

3. Automation Continues to Climb

The use of automation in pay per click marketing has gained significant ground in the past few years, and 2020 is no different!

This is another huge reason why you’ll want to use a Google Adwords agency for your pay per click endeavours.

Not even the experts have a full understanding of how much artificial intelligence and automation can help with your brand’s pay per clicks.

If you leave it in the hands of a digital marketing agency, they can experiment with it and keep up with the latest knowledge and trends of how other brands are integrating it.

Regardless of how you feel about the rise in automation, Google (the top search engine company in the world) is gravitating towards it more and more each year. Hop on that train with them and experience the pay-off of doing so in 2020.

4. Mobile-Friendly Website

You might not think it, but having a mobile-friendly website plays a huge factor in the success of your pay per click initiatives.

For the first time ever, more people are using the internet via their smartphones than any other outlet (desktops, laptops, tablets, etc).

That means that if a prospect clicks on your PPC ad, then sees that your website isn’t conformed to a mobile phone screen, they’ll hop off the page quicker than you can say “website”.

Simply put, your website can’t go any longer without catering to those that are visiting your site on their mobile phones.

Waiting any longer to face the reality of this trend will result in lower sales conversions and a lower bounce rate on your website.

You don’t have to go down this road alone. You can reach out to a website design company to help your small business look bigger than it actually is! They’ll help you contort your site to a phone screen, and get it in-line with other trends as well.

5. Using PPC for Your Target Audience

When many people think of pay per click advertisements, they think back to the old days of Facebook marketing where you pay for a certain amount of ads and hope for the best.

However, as the name would imply, pay per click campaigns are much more zeroed-in than that. They can be the difference-maker that your company has been on the lookout for.

PPCs in 2020 will cater only to those in the marketplace that your brand is actively searching for.

Your advertisements will say exactly what they need to say at the exact time they need to say it in order to get the prospect to click on your ad.

Having a pay per click strategy that encourages the client to learn about your products will gravitate more prospects to your site.

This will result in higher bounce rates and sales conversions as your website visitors basically teach themselves on why they need your product.

Put These PPC News 2020 Trends Into Action!

Now that you’ve seen several growing trends for 2020 in the PPC news, it’s time to integrate them all into your initiatives.

Be sure to read this article for more information on how to improve your ad copywriting.

For more inquiries, please reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

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