Maximise Revenue With Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is essential for customer retention and also to maximise the revenue you generate from your existing customers. Sell more & make sure you are in their mind when they next want to buy with a planned email marketing campaign.

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Increase the amount each customer spends with
your business & make sure they keep coming back.

Your customers will be spending their money somewhere, it may as well be with you!

A well thought out email campaign will generate repeat sales continuously.

Email marketing is the cheapest form of advertising you can do. It’s also one of the most targeted marketing strategies your business can use.

You have customers already and this list of people who have already bought from you and are likely to do so again.

Emailing existing customers costs virtually nothing and will generate new sales over and over again if done correctly.

Campaigns built using the worlds favourite email marketing service

We build all our customers email marketing campaigns using Mailchimp. Full integration with all major e-commerce store systems and content management systems allows seamless email delivery to your customers.

We’ll setup a drip fed campaign to regularly remind your customers you are there and promote offers, products and services in a timely manner to maximise your sales.

A complete email marketing campaign on auto-pilot!

A money making machine just waiting for you to turn it on….and it costs virtually nothing to flick the switch!

As your list of customers grows so does the potential for making additional revenue from them. The more you email the more opportunities you generate to make another sale.

All email campaigns can be fully integrated into your store or lead generation system so you can track effectiveness of your campaigns.

Each email costs pennies to send and has the potential to generate £1000’s in repeat orders for your business.

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