Fast hack repair & on-going website protection

If your website has been hacked you are not alone. Over 30,000 websites get hacked every day. We’ll get you back up and running quickly and put preventative measures in place to ensure it doesn’t happen to you again.

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We’ll have your website fixed within an hour

Once you’re fixed we’ll protect your site to ensure it never happens again.

Your site back online, vulnerabilities patched & malware removed

Hacked websites cost businesses money and can also severely harm reputations. It is important to act fast if your website has been compromised.

We will remove any malicious code on your website, update your software if needed and patch any vulnerabilities for you. We’ll also make sure you have not been added to any blacklists with Google or email servers which are often a side effect of being hacked. This means your customers may not be able to access your site or receive email even after your site is back to how it should be. 

Keep your business online with additional security software and regular updates

Many websites get onto hackers lists which means they are targeted continuously. Sites will also have software which is prone to security vulnerabilities and needs regular updating and patches carried out to keep them safe.

We provide on-going monthly protection for your website by adding additional security software. We also regularly check and update your websites software for you to keep it safe and secure.

Gain peace of mind with a FREE website security audit, check your site is secure

If your website has not been hacked but you are worried about the possibility we can carry out a FREE security audit for you.

Our free audits will check the most common weaknesses we find in websites that let hackers in and we’ll tell you if anything needs to be done to secure your website further.

We check for the following vulnerabilities:

  • Website software updates that are outstanding
  • Vulnerable plugins for WordPress websites
  • Server software updates that are unpatched
  • Server penetration tests and DDOS attack testing
  • Website security software analysis

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