Are you still using the same website for your business in 2018 that you were using back in 2008?

If so, it’s most definitely time for you to do a website refresh. No matter how amazing your site may have looked a decade ago, it likely looks outdated by today’s standards.

There are also other signs that will let you know you need to reconsider your website design and come up with something new. Here are 7 more telltale signs that your business needs a website refresh ASAP.

Not Responsive Enough

When your customers visit your website, how long does it take for the site to load up for them?

If it takes more than just 2 or 3 seconds, you have a big problem on your hands! You’re probably missing out on the opportunity to connect with thousands of customers every month.

Google has found that more than 50 percent of people will leave a website if they have to wait more than a few seconds for it to fully load. That means your website needs to be as responsive as possible to bring in traffic and keep people around.

You need to have a complete website refresh done if this isn’t the case. It could completely alter the user experience on your site.

Difficult to Navigate

Let’s say your website does load up in just a few seconds. That’s great!

But are people actually going to be able to find their way around it once it loads?

That’s an important question that you need to answer. If it’s too difficult to navigate around on your site, that’s almost as bad as your site not loading up at all. People are going to start to jump ship quickly if your site is too confusing.

Most websites these days are very minimalistic. Businesses go out of their way to make it simple for people to find what they’re looking for without having to jump through too many hoops.

During a website refresh, you might want to consider taking this approach. Rather than bombarding people with too many words and photos at once, focus on making it easier for them to find their way around on your site.

Not Mobile Friendly

If your website is more than a few years old right now, you probably didn’t design it with mobile in mind.

But in 2018, more than 60 percent of the people using the internet all around the world are using it through a mobile device. And that number is expected to continue to climb in the coming years.

With that in mind, it’s imperative for your site to be as mobile friendly as it can be. If it’s not, your site isn’t going to look very good when people access it on their smartphones, and you’re going to end up missing out making important connections with customers.

Doesn’t Take SEO Into Consideration

When people do a Google search for businesses like yours, does your company’s website show up on the first page of results?

If it does, that’s awesome. You’re likely generating a ton of extra traffic every month because of it.

But if it doesn’t, it could be an issue for your business. You’re not going to draw as much traffic as you could otherwise.

You can move up in Google search rankings by putting search engine optimisation, or SEO, to good use. By working certain headlines, keywords, and links into the mix, you can increase your chances of ranking higher in Google searches.

Lacks Content (and Places to Put Content!)

When your customers visit your business website, they expect to see more than just a list of your services and your contact information. They want content!

Content is king in 2018, and without it, your business is going to suffer. You can build up a community of loyal customers simply by stuffing your site with more high-quality content for people to read.

In order to do this, you’ll obviously need to start generating quality content on your own or outsourcing content creation to another company. But you’ll also need to come up with a place to put your content during a website refresh.

The best place to put content is usually a blog. A blog will allow you to keep your content neat and orderly while putting the best SEO practices into place.

Gets a Bad Response From Customers

Do you have customers who have told you that they’ve struggled to make sense of your website?

Don’t ignore them! While this might not be what you want to hear, this is valuable feedback that you should take to heart. You should carefully consider what your customers are telling you and vow to make changes.

Ask them for specific examples of what they don’t like about your website. Use those examples when doing a website refresh to make your site more effective.

No Longer Reflects What Your Business Is All About

Your business is likely going to change over time. You’re going to start selling different products and services, and you’re also going to pick up new values along the way.

Your website should reflect these changes and show people what you’re all about at any given moment. If your current site doesn’t do that, don’t hesitate to make some tweaks to it.

A website refresh might be just what you need to ensure your site reflects the true nature of your business.

Do a Website Refresh Today and Make Your Site Better

Are you unhappy with your business website and the response that it gets from your customers?

You’re free to change it at any time. By working with a reputable website design company, you can do a website refresh and bring your site back to life.

When you do, you’ll notice more people visiting your site. You’ll also notice more people sticking around to read your content. It’ll make your website remodel well worth the investment.

Want to get started today? Contact us to hear about what we can do to bring your website up to speed in 2018.

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