A question we get asked by almost every customer we build a website for is how they should get enquiries and sales to it.

A website without any visitors is just a pile of code on the web and is never going to make anyone any money. A paid marketing strategy has to be in place for any business looking to generate enquiries or sales online via their website. Without paid marketing your business is just not scaleable or sustainable.

The two main forms of paid marketing for websites are SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay per click) marketing.


SEO is a long term strategy you should always employ for your business. Even if you can only afford £200 or so a month, it’s got to be done in some shape or form every month or you’ll fall far behind your competitors, be it nationally or locally. If you spend nothing on SEO you will get nowhere in the natural search engine rankings but if you spend something you at least stand a chance.

PPC marketing however gives instant results from day 1. You pay for each visitor to your website and a carefully setup campaign can deliver more business than you can cope with. Our PPC customers often ask us to pause their campaigns so they can catch up on the work they generate which has to be a good thing.

Take a look at the graphic below which lays out the pros and cons of both forms of marketing. They both have pros and cons but we firmly believe all businesses should employ both strategies if they are serious about growing or sustaining their levels of business. Talk to us about these and we’ll explain how they can help your business. Call us on 01903 368559.


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