With any business, one of the biggest variables to success is how many customers you can get through the door.

Except in the modern world we live in, your door extends beyond the physical world to the virtual world. It’s why so many businesses are turning to Google marketing to get as many customers through their virtual doors, as possible.

For many businesses though, the thought of using Google for advertising and marketing can be seriously intimidating.

If you’ve never done Google marketing before, the worry of overspending on budgets and not reaching your desired audience can be terrifying. So how do you market effectively with Google, if you don’t even know where to start?

To make your next marketing campaign pop, we’ve put together this article which will guide you through the process of marketing your business with Google.

Let’s get started.

First, Why Market Through Google in the First Place

When it comes to online digital marketing, Google is the daddy. The total spent worldwide on digital advertising topped 204 billion dollars in 2017.

Of that total ad spending Google’s share makes up 42.2% of the US digital ad market, so it’s safe to say, advertising on the largest platform out there has some merits.

If you’re interested in drawing more qualified leads to your website, a properly executed pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is one of the best ways to go about it.

With that in mind let’s jump into six of the most effective ways you can use Google marketing for your company.

6 Ways to Effectively Utilize Google Marketing For Your Business

These different techniques outlined below are often overlooked when it comes to setting up your PPC campaigns. Some of these techniques are a little more advanced than others, but implementing these changes could see big improvements in your business.

Both in earning more money and in getting more customers.

1. Make your Landing Pages Relevant to your Campaign

When you consider the goal of your Google AdWords campaign, the goal isn’t just to get a click through to your website; the goal is to make a sale. Any successful Google marketing campaign should drive your leads to a specific landing page.

The goal of that landing page is then to take your lead and deliver you a sale. It’s an often overlooked element, but pairing up your landing pages to sync with your specific ads is one of the most powerful ways to convert with Google marketing.

By having the same message on both your landing page and your ads, the consistency between your copy, keywords and landing page should help to improve your click-through rate, lower CPC costs and most importantly, improve conversion.

2. Use Negative Keywords Positively

While many people new to PPC may be focusing on targeting the correct keywords, they can overlook a crucial aspect of Google marketing, the negative keywords. Negative keywords are keywords you can put into your campaigns which tell Google what type of keywords aren’t a good fit for your product or service.

What this helps to do is eliminate leads who aren’t going to qualify for your product or service. By letting Google know what your product isn’t, you stop your ads from showing up on keyword searches which don’t match the profile of your customer.

This helps to save you a lot of money by stopping you paying for customers who have no interest in your services.

3. Use The Correct Keyword Match Types

When you look at PPC, you can see that it is a direct attribution marketing channel. Google marketing relies heavily on user intent through the keywords.

When somebody types in a search term into Google, AdWords will show the user ads based on relevancy in the search term compared to your ads. The modifiers that you use for your keyword are important to a PPC campaign.

You have four main types of keyword modifiers:

  • Broad: The widest net that you can cast with keywords, this matches any term in any order that includes the target keyword, including synonyms.
  • Broad Match Modifier: The second widest net option, when selecting this option you’ll see a (+) sign in front of your keywords. This modifier works by showing your ad in the order you specify.
  • Phrase Match: When you string keywords together in quotation marks you create keyword phrases. This modifier works by only showing your ad when the searcher uses the exact phrase.
  • Exact Match: This modifier works similarly to phrase match, but your ads will show only with the exact search query. You can see this by putting your whole search term in brackets.

You can see that each match type is a choice between impressions and relevancy. If you want as many impressions as possible, you will go broader, but the exact match will give you fewer impressions but the highest relevancy.

4. Fill Out All Your ETA’s

Google introduced Expanded Text Ads (ETA’s) in July 2016. When they arrived, they made a huge impact on Google marketing for anybody using AdWords.

By giving you the option of additional space for any relevant content, ETA’s provide you with an easy way to tell a story about your product or service.

If you want your ads to perform to the best of their ability, don’t be lazy. Make sure to fill out all the available information in your ETA’s.

5. Use Geotargeting and Adjust Your Bidding

Local search is such a huge part of all types of Google marketing. As Google aims to deliver even greater service, geographic locations have grown in importance for PPC campaigns.

Even if you think that your digital product offering wouldn’t benefit from it, you can still benefit from understanding where your engagement is coming from. Where geotargeting really stands out is industries such as hotels, realtors, and lawyers where you can qualify leads based on if they are near to your location.

You can also adjust your geotargeting bids based on seasons, weather and user needs too.

Take Your Google Marketing to the Next Level

Maintaining your PPC campaigns and staying on top of the latest marketing trends is going to set you apart from your competition in our fast-changing digital landscape.

If you want help and support in setting up and maintaining an incredible campaign for your business, reach out to us today.

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