The success of your business depends on the strength of your marketing campaigns. Without unique, engaging material to catch the attention of users in your market, it’s hard to create new streams of revenue. It’s also hard to hold onto the customer relationships you’ve already made.

The key to great marketing is to push the boundaries.

You can’t be afraid to think outside the box and try new things. You should constantly be asking yourself what you can do to further improve your campaigns, and you can never settle for content that’s just average. The more you think outside the box when creating marketing campaigns, the more of an increase you’ll see in leads and sales.

Here are 9 creative marketing ideas you should start using right away.

1. Video Blogging

It’s no secret that blogging is an amazing marketing tool. But, most companies already have a huge collection of blogs to share with their audience! If you really want to set yourself apart from competitors, you should turn your blogs into videos.

Think about it: if you already have blogs on your website, all you have to do is turn the material you’ve written about into talking points. This is a pretty simple, straightforward process, and it gives you a lot of ideas to work on.

If you don’t yet have a blog, you need to start creating written and visual content for your audience. Blogging helps you create authority in your market and it makes your brand seem approachable. This tool also does wonders to boost your site traffic.

2. eBook and Infographic Distribution

Another way you can increase authority in your industry is to publish eBooks and infographics. Think about all the information your consumers are most interested in and turn it visually-engaging, informative pieces of content.

You can create an infographic about practically anything in your market. You can also take content you’ve already created and recycle it into an infographic.

3. Build an Online Course

It might be worth taking an infographic to the next level and building an entire online course for a certain topic in your industry. This is ideal if there’s a huge shift happening in your market right now or if you want to give your audience a feel for what your services can provide.

Creating a course shows that you’re right on-trend with where the industry is headed. It tells consumers you’re committed to offering top-notch, innovative services, and more importantly, providing them with amazing value.

You can decide whether to share your courses for free or for a set price. Free courses typically do better in terms of gaining brand exposure and connecting with users. But, it might make sense to turn this marketing tool into another stream of profit.

4. Expand Your Social Media Presence

It’s one thing to create social media accounts for your company, and another to manage social accounts that people really want to engage with. Social media only works when you give it your best effort. It requires constant attention, planning, and tracking to truly succeed.

More importantly, you need to figure out how to make your brand shine!

It should be easy for customers to get a sense of your company culture and brand values when scrolling through your social accounts. They should feel intrigued by what they see and feel a personal connection to the content you’ve shared.

You’ll know if you’ve accomplished this based on the number of followers you have and how many engagements happen on your accounts every day.

5. Run Contests and Giveaways

One of the best ways to expand your social media presence is to run contests and giveaways. This can be done through your own accounts or with the help of an influencer.

You can give away anything from free products/services, bonus packages, apparel, gift cards, and experiences. The prizes you offer don’t necessarily have to be a product from your business, either. Sometimes, the best way to get your target audience’s attention is by using an item that’s in-line with their hobbies, career, or home life.

6. Create Strategic Partnerships

Having an influencer run a social media contest for you is just one example of strategic marketing partnerships. You can also sponsor events in your local area or partner with other companies to run ads together on social media.

This expands your reach beyond your target market and significantly helps build brand awareness.

7. Announce Award Recognitions

Have you been nominated for a major award lately? Do you have a bit of a reputation for consistently winning a big award every year?

These are things to celebrate and to share.

Talk about your award recognition in a blog post (or video!). Share a picture of the reception/ceremony on your social media accounts. Run an email campaign to express your gratitude for the consumers who have supported your business.

Such tactics will get more people talking about who you are and what you do. They’ll also encourage new consumers to trust your company and buy something!

8. Upgrade Your Website

Sometimes, all you have to do to make your online marketing campaigns stronger is upgrade your website. Maybe it’s time to do a bit of rebranding on your website. Maybe you need to work on your opt-ins, forms, and the overall structure of your site.

Whatever changes you decide to make, be sure that they’re in line with your marketing goals. You’d be surprised to see how effective a few site edits can be.

9. Enhance In-Person Interactions with Digital Marketing Tools

Whether you’re working on building a better social media presence or you want to have more people opt-in to your email list, you should be trying to find ways to bring your marketing efforts off the screen.

Tell consumers to share their thoughts/photos from an event online and use a special hashtag when doing so. Run a store pop-up for your business and share the day’s events in a video blog.

Combining digital marketing with in-person events makes you much more memorable. It creates a long-lasting impression on all the users who engage with your campaign.

Turn These Creative Marketing Ideas into High-Quality Results

It’s one thing to read about different creative marketing ideas and another to create amazing results with the marketing tools available to you. The bad news is you have a lot of work to do to ensure your marketing campaigns are strong and effective. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone!

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