Did you know that for every $92 most businesses spend acquiring new customers, only $1 of that is spent on actually converting those customers?

Knowing how to turn marketing efforts into real conversions, or dollars and cents is challenging to say the least.

Luckily, we’ve got your back with these five marketing tips to help you not only attract new customers or clients but retain them.

1. Narrow Your Efforts to Most Effective Channels

Too often businesses try to market themselves on every possible medium known to man. This can be ineffective for several reasons. The first being, typical businesses don’t have a limitless marketing budget.

It can be challenging enough to perfect a marketing strategy on one channel, but stretching your efforts and budget too thin by trying to market your business on every existing channel is a recipe for frustration and little ROI.

The first thing to consider when choosing the most valuable channels for your business to market on, is who is your target audience?

If you’re in the business of life insurance, for example, advertising on Snapchat is not likely to reach your target demographic.

If however, you’re in the B2B business, channels like LinkedIn are much more likely to produce results. The best way to figure out which channels are best for you are to research the typical demographic that uses them.

Then, experiment.

Some companies have the luxury of a full-time social media marketer or marketing specialist. This person should be able to educate you on the best channels for your business. But, if not, just Google.

Even the most successful companies begin a marketing campaign with trial and error.

2. Take Advantage of Google

This tip could truly translate into so many other tips, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll say this: get your Google My Business page.

With over 3.5 billion searches processed per day, Google actually outranked social media recently for being the number one driver to business pages. Just think about it, when you need to find a product, restaurant, or doctor’s office address, what do you do?

You Google it.

Luckily, Google has a free option to let you claim the title of your local business, list an address, contact information, photos, your URL, it goes on and on. Oddly enough, many small businesses have yet to claim this great tool for themselves.

Customers and clients can even leave reviews on this page, and you can use your Google My Business profile to respond or address concerns.

It’s a great way to be relatable and maybe even more important, searchable, for potential customers.

Because the Google My Business page allows people to rank your business with one to five stars, many folks may not continue on to your website if your ratings on Google seem low.

The key to having your business show up higher on these Google searches is to have a website that is search engine optimized (SEO).

You can also utilize the helpful Google AdWords tool to give your company’s marketing a boost.

3. Operation: Optimization

Just one of the key components of a high converting website is to be sure it’s search engine optimized.

This can mean a number of things, but some of the basics include:

Tagging Keywords

This means whether in your company blog, “about” page or any content on the website, write using an appropriate amount of keywords related to your business and services.

Think of the types of keywords or terms potential customers might enter into a search engine like Google to find your business.

Beware, however, not to overdo the keyword usage. For advanced search engines like Google, this sends up a red glad and may actually dimish your company’s likelihood of showing up. So, think quality keyword usage more than quantity.

Link to Your Social Media Accounts

Having social media profiles for your business, that link back to your website is a great way to boost your business’s searchability online.

Provide Quality Content

This applies to not only your company’s main website but your social media channels as well.

Better to have a publishing strategy for a website blog or Facebook page that entails fewer weekly posts, with quality material, than daily spamming followers just to try and get something out there.

Provide content for customers that is “evergreen.” Create a social page or blog that informs them, instead of sells to them.

If you can become a source for valuable information related to your business or services, you’re gold

4. Email Marketing

If we were to number these tips based on the highest history of return on investment, excellent email marketing would be number one.

Despite the rise of Google and social media, email marketing is still the top way to convert marketing efforts into sales.

It’s reported that every $1 spent on email marketing brings back $38 on average.

You can be versatile with email marketing. Use it to promote a sale or campaign. Inform customers about changes. Reach out to new potential customers. Build a strong communication channel with customers.

5. Watch the Competition

The best offence is a good defence in the business world as well. To have a good defence, you need to know the “plays” of your business “opponents.”

To put it simply, look at what is working well for your competitors.

You can utilize free tools like Google Alerts and others to keep track of online mentions of your business, related keywords, products, and competitors.

If you notice that a competitor ranks higher than you in searches, take a look at their content. See what is working for them and model it appropriately.

More Marketing Tips for Your Business

Now that you’ve got these five marketing tips to get you rolling, get started boosting your business awareness and customer acquisition today.

You can find even more ideas and help on how to market your specific business and services effectively by checking us out here.

Get help with everything marketing related including SEO, pay per click, email marketing, website design, social media marketing and more.

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