Websites need to be aesthetically pleasing but also functional. If your website won’t load completely, is overwhelming, or hard to navigate it doesn’t matter how beautifully designed it is, people will get frustrated.

It’s important to understand what the average consumer wants of a website and to keep up with the latest innovations. This will ensure that your customers will not only feel at ease navigating your content, but will actually enjoy it!

If you’re interested in learning more about essential website features and what makes a good website, follow along!

1. Make It Mobile-Friendly

In this day and age, people navigate websites on their phones constantly. One of the most frustrating things for consumers is when a website does not work properly on small-screen devices.

If the font is too small to read and the website cannot be navigated with simple up and down commands, people will close your tab.

Implementing up-down navigation and creating a mobile version of your website can make it easy for customers who prefer on the go, mobile navigation. It is a simple SEO tool guaranteed to increase traffic.

2. Important Business Information

Your company’s website will be rendered useless if a customer cannot find where to contact you, where your store is located (if applicable), your shipping methods, and other crucial business information.

Take into account what your average consumer is looking for when he logs in to view your content. If you own a restaurant, the typical consumer will not be visiting your website to read the ‘about’ section.

Instead, they will want information about the menu, closing times, and location. Making sure the most-visited sections of the website are clear and centered will make a customer’s navigation experience more pleasant.

3. Intuitive Roadmap

website’s roadmap determines the ease of use and effectiveness of a website. It should encompass the logical order you expect your customers to follow when interacting with your business’ content.

Run your roadmap by some friends before making the website. Ask them if the connections and branches are intuitive. This part of the website design process is vital but complicated, so if you’re struggling and need help, don’t hesitate to contact experts. They will know which roadmap template is the best for your specific business.

4. User-Generated Reviews

If reviews apply to the type of good or service you sell, make sure to showcase customer reviews on your website. This feature is an incredible way to boost sales and increase buyer confidence.

In fact, 92% of shoppers read online reviews and agree that the product’s star-rating is the number one factor they considered before making a purchase. Reviews can be powerfully convincing, especially when there are some negative reviews floating around.

You may think that negative reviews will taint your product, but more often than not, shoppers question the reliability of reviews when there are no bad ones. It’s vital to have all kinds of opinions for shoppers to feel confident and at ease with their purchases and to believe your website is a reliable source of information.

5. Special Offers

Implementing special, discount offers to your website every now and again will increase traffic and sales. It’s no secret that buyers who think they are getting a deal will spend more money and time on your website, even if they were not even expecting to make a purchase from you on that day.

Notifying your customers of these special sales through email or text is also an important feature to implement on your website. Convince them by letting them know that signing up will grant them first access to special sales in the space above the text box that asks for their contact information.

6. Wish Lists

For commercial businesses like online stores especially, the wish list feature is essential.

The option to create a list of your most desired items will prompt customers to spend hours at a time viewing every product available to determine what they may want to buy in the future. This may also expose them to products they would like to buy at the moment, increasing sales.

If you’d like to add an extra feature to this already great feature, you can make these wish lists shareable. This is great for people planning birthday parties, weddings, or for those simply sharing their wants with friends.

7. Minimalist Design

Most shoppers agree that a minimalist website design is an important feature. Overwhelming and crowded websites make the shopping experience stressful and can sometimes push people away.

Keeping a clean, streamlined design with few words and large, clear pictures will make the website aesthetically pleasing enough to navigate and enjoy. An expert can help you design the perfect website for your business.

8. Security

It’s important to implement and notify your shoppers that your website is a secure place. This is especially important for online stores who will be taking the debit or credit card information, addresses, and the telephone numbers of their customers to process orders.

VeriSignTrustEEntrust, and GeoTrust are all good options to try to avoid identity theft on the web.

9. Integrating Social Media

This is a powerful SEO tool that can increase the number of people your website reaches. Implementing social media into your website in the form of easy click-and-share can allow your customers to share their favorite images or reviews of your products on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.

This may expose other people to your brand and products, increasing traffic on your website and boosting engagement. If you have existing social media accounts, this can also increase their following.

10. Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the website not only makes your customers feel listened to and at ease about their navigation or purchasing experience, but it also relieves you of answering the same question thousands of times every week. Pin-pointing the top questions is important, so do a trial run when your website launches and ask your friends for input.

Wrapping Up

In this day and age, website features can make or break your business. They can boost sales and increase traffic, or cause stress and frustration for shoppers.

Knowing which features you want to implement and having a clear vision of what you want your website to look like will help expert website designers and SEO specialists create the best website for your business.

If you need help getting started, don’t hesitate to contact us! We specialize in web design and development, SEO, website marketing, and social media services.

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