71% of search traffic clicks happen on the first page of results. So if your web pages rank lower than this, there’s a huge chance that you’re missing out on traffic.

The higher you can get your web pages on Google, the better! But for many business owners, this is a daunting task.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide outlining 6 smart SEO solutions that you can implement to drive more traffic to your company’s website. With some work, you’ll be able to improve your rankings.

Check out our tips below.

1. Research Keywords

One of the keys of SEO is keyword research. Every page on your website should have designated keywords that you’re trying to rank for.

Basically, a keyword is a common phrase that people search for on Google. So when you optimize your page for a certain keyword, you have a higher chance of ranking when people search for that term.

To start your SEO journey, begin by finding specific keywords for each one of your pages. There are lots of tools out there that can help you understand what people are searching for and how many people are searching for it each month.

That way, you can optimize your site around these phrases, increasing your traffic and increasing your traffic and your revenue.

2. Start Writing Content

Next, it’s time to get writing. Google ranks your pages based on their content. Their bots crawl your site and are able to scan your copy.

Google also takes into account how people respond to your content. So for this reason, your copy needs to be valuable and relevant.

For example, if people often come to your site and then go away without scrolling or clicking to another page, this means you have a high bounce rate. And when Google sees a high bounce rate, they know that your page isn’t fulfilling people’s needs and your rankings will decrease.

So look for ways to produce engaging content on every one of your pages. This can come in the form of blog posts, infographics, videos, or ebooks.

Also be sure to include your specific keywords on your pages as well.

3. Optimize Your Images

Did you know that large images can make your site significantly slower? To avoid this, it’s super important that you optimize your images before uploading them to your site. Here’s how to make this happen.

First, make sure they’re in the right format. For smaller pictures, use a PNG file. For header images and other larger pictures, a JPEG is the best option.

Also, decrease the dimensions of your images. Often, they are super big and can be made much smaller without losing image quality.

Another tip is to look at the image quality score. Software like Photoshop has this built in. It’s another way to decrease your file size without damaging the photo quality, which will make your site run more quickly.

4. Add Links

Another smart SEO solution? Link building.

Links are another key pillar of any SEO strategy. Here’s why.

Google likes to see that websites link to your site. This shows them that you are reputable and trustworthy. So any time you can increase both the quantity and quality of links coming into your site, you’re improving your SEO.

If you can, work with large, well-known sites to get links back to your content. This often takes outreach.

It’s also important to link internally on your own site. Every page should have multiple links to other pages on your website. This helps Google see that your content is related and it helps tell the story of what your site is all about.

5. One of the Biggest SEO Solutions: Titles and Descriptions

As we’ve discussed previously, you should do everything you can to help Google’s bots understand what each of your web pages is about.

One of the best ways to make this happen is through optimizing your titles and descriptions. Simply put, these are little pieces of text that help both users and Google understand the purpose of each page.

The title is the text that appears in their browser as the title of the page. It also shows up in Google results as the main text.

The description, also known as the meta description, is the supporting text that appears under the title in Google search results.

They’re both stored in the code for your pages as well, which Google crawls.

In all of your titles and descriptions, be sure to include that page’s keyword phrase. If you’re a business that serves a specific geographic location, also be sure to include your city and state in these areas as well.

This is a simple technique to improve your SEO in a big way.

6. Hire an Expert

Last but not least, consider hiring an SEO expert. SEO is complex and always evolving. The techniques that worked five years ago often don’t work at all today.

It’s a fast-moving world and having someone show you the ropes is a great idea.

An expert will bring insight about the latest and greatest strategies. They’ll also know what has worked for similar companies in the past.

Our team has years of experience helping businesses like yours improve their SEO. And remember, improving your SEO will get you more traffic, which will improve your bottom line.

Contact a member of our team today to learn more about our services.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading through our 6 smart SEO solutions. We hope you can implement some of these tips today for your business.

If you’d like to learn more or are interested in how we can help you grow, get in touch with our SEO team today. We’re happy to help.

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