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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is simple but takes time

Getting found on Google and receiving large amounts of visitors will not happen overnight.

Appearing high in search results will generate continuous business

The rewards when your website cracks the Google code often far outweigh the investment you spent getting there.

The first page of Google results receive the majority of the clicks and from that first page the top 3 positions get the most.

Don’t expect Google to put your site at the top however just because you think you are the best. It’s a complex journey that will take longer than this website page to explain to you fully.

S.E.O. myths and what will NOT happen

Let’s bust some myths you may have heard about search engine optimisation.

If I build links to my website I'll start ranking high

The number and quality of links that point to your website is an important part of Googles algorithm. On their own though they won’t help your website get to the top of the search results for anything.

I just need to put words I want to rank for on my pages

This we call on-page optimisation and it is part of all SEO campaigns we run for our customers. This alone however will not usually get you where you want to be. It is just one important cog in the SEO machine.

I need to rank for high traffic keywords

Ranking for big traffic keywords is great but the investment to get them to the top far outweighs the benefits in most cases. High traffic keywords DO NOT usually convert well into business or enquiries.

It will only cost about £200 and take a few months

Anyone that tells you this is not being honest. Local businesses will need to spend £250-£500 per month, national businesses and online stores in excess of £800 per month for at least 6-12 months to see any meaningful return on their investment.

How SEO Works

The 3 stages of an SEO campaign

Your website needs a specific set of tasks to be performed in order to be found on Google.

Stage 1: Business Research

In order to start generating traffic for your website we first need to establish what sort of traffic you need.


Campaign means test

First we look at your business and see if an SEO campaign is viable and the best form of marketing for you.


Content gap analysis

We draw up a plan of the content your website will need to attract the right visitors based on your competition.


Competitor research

We analyse your competitors websites and find out how they are generating visitors and why.


Website technical analysis

We look at the technical elements of your website that Google wants to see and draw up a plan to get them fixed if necessary.


Keyword research

We find out what type of visitor is ideal for your business and list the search terms we think you should target.


Ranking & backlink analysis

We look at how your website currently gets it’s visitors from Google, what search terms are ranking and what links you have in place from other websites.

Stage 2: Website Optimisation

Your website will be fully optimised to rank for the search terms we identified in stage 1.


Existing content re-writing

We look at the content on your website and re-write it as necessary to increase visibility in search results.


Meta tag optimisation

We look at the meta titles and descriptions of each page and get those re-written with relevant search optimised content.


Fresh content creation

We create new pages and content that your website is lacking that is necessary to draw in search traffic.


Internal site linking

We look at the linking structure of your website and get that optimised so Google can crawl correctly and direct more keyword friendly links throughout.


Technical optimisation

We fix any technical issues discovered on your website has that Google doesn’t like to see.


Google service setup

We setup any Google services that are missing and necessary like webmaster tools, analytics and Google business listing pages.

Stage 3: On-going SEO Campaign Starts

To build authority with Google and show it your website should rank you need fresh content and plenty of links.


Regular content creation

We create fresh content for your site that is designed to draw in visitors and link to important content. This shows Google you are a regular contributor to your niche and important enough to warrant page 1 rankings.


Authority link building

We write quality content and secure publication on high authority sites that are on Googles radar. This shows your site is also important as links from these high powered sites carry a lot of weight with Googles algorithm.


Quantity link building

We create multiple links to your site from other sources to show Google you are important in other websites eyes. This increases your authority and your overall rankings.

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