Are you confident that your SEO strategy is working?

Marketing your business is hard. It’s easy for your brand to become buried by the competition if your SEO practices are ineffective.

Your business can live or die based on its Google ranking. Search engine results are becoming more personal. As such, optimize your website so it’s easy for Google to find you.

Online marketing strategies are constantly evolving. You need to know the best SEO tips and tricks if you want your business to thrive.

Don’t worry, by the end of this article, you’ll know how to improve your search engine rankings.

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Top 7 SEO Tips and Tricks for 2018

Improving your SEO strategy is a great way to increase your profits. The tricks that you learned a few years ago, however, might not be relevant today.

Here’s what you need to know to stay competitive.

1. Voice Search is Growing

Voice technology is booming. Digital assistants are common, some households and businesses have multiple.

The shift is changing the way Google operates. A stunning 20% of online queries are voice searches. That number is expected to grow.

That means that you need to pay close attention to how to your customers actually speaking. What would someone say if they wanted to find your business?

2. Speed is Important

Slow loading times will bore your customers.

They’ll abandon your website and head to your competitor if your site speed isn’t up to snuff. Search engines consider speed when rankings are determined.

Think about your preferences. Will you wait if a website takes 10 seconds to load? That’s an eternity on the internet.

There are a lot of different ways that you can check your site’s load time for free.

SEO best practices demand a lot from website owners. Fantastic content isn’t enough.

3. Aim for Featured Snippets

Competition for featured snippets is fierce.

At the top of a growing number of search results, in the “0” position, Google shows a short snippet of information about the question.

A growing number of Google searches have a featured snippet. Being selected is huge for your brand.

Organize your content, so it’s extremely to digest. Bullet points, lists, and graphs make it easy for Google to latch onto the content.

You can also choose a question and answer format.

According to Google’s blog:

“Sometimes the words we use to ask a question are broad, and there could be several different interpretations of the question. With multifaceted featured snippets, we’re able to better understand your query…”

4. Optimize for Mobile

Ok, you’re probably sick of hearing about how important mobile marketing is. People have been saying it for years.

However, there are still some companies that aren’t doing it right. Some websites heavily prioritise desktop visitors. This is very misguided.

The world is going mobile. People spend a lot more time on their phones than on their desktop computers or laptops.

Take advantage of the growing mobile boom by:

  • Thinking local. A lot of mobile users are searching for a business nearby.
  • Making sure your site loads quickly. Google prefers Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). These sites load significantly faster and enjoy increased engagement.
  • Keeping mobile visitors in mind when you design your site.

5. Target Local Customers

People use search engines to find out what’s going on around them.

They search for grocery stores down the road and plumbers in their area. A huge number of people who search for local businesses end up visiting the store in person.

Local searches are becoming more and more important as people turn to their phones for answers. If you want to appear prominently in local search results, you need to make sure that your business’ address and phone number is easy to find.

6. Understand how Artificial intelligence (AI) Powers Searches

A few years ago, Google introduced the world to RankBrain, an AI system that it uses to sort search engine results. The system has grown from handling less than 20% of queries to all of them.

AI bots don’t scan websites the same that humans do. You need to optimize your site for RankBrain if you want to succeed in 2018.

Forbes found that “RankBrain can actually be considered a new ranking signal. And as far as ranking signals go, this one is the third most important in determining the eventual rank of a given page.”

AI systems aren’t perfect. RankBrain is important, but it’s not the only thing that Google considers.

Make sure that your content is simple to read. Add captions to your pictures. You want to make it easy for Google’s AI to figure out what your site is about.

7. User Experience is Everything

Users are demanding. Customer expectations are increasing as websites become sophisticated. People have no patience for slow, complicated sites.

This is reflected in search engine results. Your rankings will suffer if people think your site is too difficult to navigate. People want fast answers to whatever they asked.

You’ll lose customers if your site doesn’t instantly hook them. Remember, they found you because they were searching for something. If your site doesn’t answer their question, they’ll look somewhere else.

Load time is important. But so is design and content. People want to able to navigate your site swiftly. It should be intuitive.

If you post an article or blog post, make sure that the topic is clear within the first few words. Users won’t give you the benefit of the doubt.

Google has made it obvious that a critical part of their ranking system is positive user experience.

Improve your SEO Strategy

You want your business to flourish. For this to happen, you need to focus on using proper SEO techniques

SEO tips and tricks will greatly improve your online presence.

However, the process can be confusing. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, requiring modern online marketers to stay on their toes. Strategy changes are common.

You don’t have to figure out everything by yourself. We have a ton of helpful information that you can use to boost your digital marketing strategy.

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